The New House (Unedited)

Liam sprawled himself on the kitchen bench.

“The space! The beautiful bench space!”

It was almost three meters worth of room – sink and oven included – a stark contrast to the elbow numbing cube in our previous apartment. But that wasn’t all. The house had an open-plan kitchen and living area with so much space that we were tempted to make dust angels on the vast wooden floor.

Up four steps to the landing with four doors. One – which seemed locked at the time – led to a walk-in laundry with enough space for the cat’s odorous litter. The next was a large bathroom, with (thank the gods!) a bathtub. Liam knew that the bathtub was non-negotiable to me, and I gazed at it with an over-excited gleam in my eye. The other two doors led to a second bedroom (now my office) and a small study, which Liam confidently declared his own the moment he spotted the ethernet port.

Wondering how the house could get any better, we climbed a long flight of wooden stairs to the master bedroom. It was warm up there, a concern instantly dissuaded when we spotted the air conditioner. The wardrobe was deep and long, three times the space we’d had previously. We even had an ensuite, even though with the door closed, it was a tight squeeze for anyone with an arse – of which Liam has none.


(Writing Prompt: Write about where you live.)

Comment: I was surprised by how differently people interpreted this writing prompt. One person took it to mean country, one took it to mean home, and one clever person went on a personal journey, resulting in his summation that he lives on the internet. Don’t we all!


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