Current historical fiction project:

For Blood and Fatherland:

A historical fantasy set in the same time period surrounding Olga and Tatiana Romanov as vampire hunters, part of the Order of St Catherine. First chapter here.

Frozen in Flame:

Star-crossed lovers Eilus and Fien come from different worlds. She is the future Queen of the Ice realm, and he the future King of the Fire realm. Torn apart by magic and family, the couple need to find their way back to one another and save their realms from turmoil. Adult fantasy similar to Cassandra Clare and George R R Martin. Ready for publication, please contact me for details.

Follow the Tracks:

Lord of the Flies meets the Warriors in dystopian Melbourne. Speculative fiction for a young adult audience. Four of twelve chapters written and re-drafted. First chapter here.

Lady of Light:

Lilian, the bastard daughter of the Queen of Lighthall, receives the Light—the most powerful energy in the known universe—that was meant to go to her sister, the Princess. YA fantasy. Currently re-drafting to strengthen my characters.

Living with the end of the world:

The world has ended, but the Neoxena Corporation has an underground bunker where mankind continues on, hindered by a lack of fertility. Rose is one of 200-odd survivors, scarred and traumatised by the destruction of the Earth. First draft.

Project Centaurion:

Charlotte boards a spaceship to escape her abusive husband. The journey is meant to last 100 years. But why are her students being trained as soldiers? Adult fantasy similar to Battlestar Galactica and the 100. First draft.

Bad Blood:

Angels vs Demons meets Romeo and Juliet meets Jekyll and Hyde. Anime-style young adult fantasy. Second draft.

The Dreamer:

When she falls asleep, Mizuki travels to the Shade Realm where an unbelievably powerful Shadow Walker is waging war. Only Mizuki and her shade mBoria can stop them. But Mizuki lives half of her life in the real world, slowly losing her grip on reality and slipping deeper into depression. First draft.


Sarah Wilson is brought to the fairy realm as a changeling after murdering her parents. Now named Azalea, she begins altering her appearance to become more and more like one of the Fae. When a new changeling girl named Holly begins threatening her position in the fairy realm, Azalea’s ruthlessness comes out. YA fantasy. First draft.


Vampire PhD:

Widow Josephine Lynwood takes a position as a housekeeper for vampire brothers Daniel and William while writing her PhD on tragic romances. First draft.