A fascination

There was nothing particularly special about him. Average height, averagely handsome, average smile. But all of his amiable qualities combined to create this shining star in the sky. His deep, melodic voice she could listen to for hours. His perfect hair always slicked back, so if ever it wasn’t, she wanted to fix it herself. […]

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*Trigger warning: dead bodies* There’s blood on my hands. I don’t know when it got there, or how. We were shooting, how am I covered in blood? The volunteer-privates loaded the bodies, but I’m still covered in blood. “You alright?” Yurovsky grunts, his eyes narrowed on the dark road ahead. I take a deep drag […]

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Sourcing writing inspiration

In my first degree, I studied Creative Writing as a minor. It was the first time that I started a project under the scrutiny of a teacher – and it was not fun. This was during my T.S. Eliot faze, so my idea was to combine his poetic style with a dream concept post-apocalyptic civilisation. […]

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Weaving magic with dialogue

“The old witch was knitting.” “Knitting? Just knitting? She’s an old witch, shouldn’t she be all hunched over, stirring her cauldron or something?” “Maybe she’s cold. She’s cold, alright? So, she’s knitting. The cold old witch was knitting.” “But how was she knitting?” “What do you mean?” “How was she knitting? Like, is she good […]

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I was the only one in my modelling class to be invited to an agency. I’d done it—someone finally thought I was special. Later I’d discover that my height and my ability to walk in a straight line were what got me the invitation, but as a 14-year-old girl I was just happy to be […]

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One fat swallow

Disclaimer: this little snippet of a story is from a writing exercise in Fiction called ‘Storyspine’. It began with a small sparrow whose siblings pushed it out of the nest, then it got fat eating all the worms before anyone else. **** In hindsight, it was my own hubris that caused my death. I revelled […]

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Commas are a frustrating and confusing form of punctuation that many of us get wrong. It wasn’t until I began studying Professional Writing and Editing that I finally came to understand exactly when I should and shouldn’t be using them. So, I’ve decided to write a little blog post in the hope that it helps […]

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Gaijin Magazine Issue 1

Gaijin Magazine Follow the link above to see the 6-page travel magazine I made for my Text and Image class. I was super happy with it, and it could be a really cool starting point for an ongoing zine if I had the time and resources! All articles written by me, and all images referenced […]

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This is my first real ‘blog’ post as this is an issue that’s been plaguing me as I write. In my current novel ‘The Ice Princess” and its two sequels, sexuality does not exist. Well, not sexuality as we know it. Our version of sexuality is a social construct bound by our need to label […]

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