*Trigger warning: dead bodies* There’s blood on my hands. I don’t know when it got there, or how. We were shooting, how am I covered in blood? The volunteer-privates loaded the bodies, but I’m still covered in blood. “You alright?” Yurovsky grunts, his eyes narrowed on the dark road ahead. I take a deep drag […]

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One fat swallow

Disclaimer: this little snippet of a story is from a writing exercise in Fiction called ‘Storyspine’. It began with a small sparrow whose siblings pushed it out of the nest, then it got fat eating all the worms before anyone else. **** In hindsight, it was my own hubris that caused my death. I revelled […]

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Lipstick and Coffee (Part 1)

She always left lipstick on her mug. Not a deep, scandalous red, but a warm maroon. It seemed to say that she wanted to be sexy, but not slutty; wholesome but not dull. I stared at that pink smudge for a moment before washing the cup, looking over my shoulder to see her exiting the […]

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Drink (Unedited)

“Drink!” says one. “We’re gonna try every shot in the place,” says the other. “Won’t that be expensive?” I ask. “It’s your going away party, it’s worth it!” I look from one to the other, their seedy but bright faces eager. My vision is already starting to blur at the edges, but you would have […]

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