*Trigger warning: dead bodies* There’s blood on my hands. I don’t know when it got there, or how. We were shooting, how am I covered in blood? The volunteer-privates loaded the bodies, but I’m still covered in blood. “You alright?” Yurovsky grunts, his eyes narrowed on the dark road ahead. I take a deep drag […]

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Choice (Dialogue only)

“Then why are you here?” “Why do you think I’m here? You’re my fiancé!” “Only because our parents agreed to it. There was nothing to do with us. No input, no feelings. Why would you insist on holding me to such an agreement? Why would you come here every day if not to stake your claim […]

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Terry (Edited)

Terry was a typical Aussie bloke. Woke up early, spent a long, hot day in the sun laying bitumen, and then kicked back with his mates and a carton of beer. He was always good for a yarn, my man Terry. Get a few beers in him and he’d be on about some time his […]

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Why I Want to Write (Edited)

When I’m feeling negative, I tell myself that following this path is the only thing I can do. I tell myself that I’m shit at everything else and writing is the only thing I’ve ever stuck with, ever thought I was any good at. On a bad day, writing is my only choice. When I’m […]

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