You lean in, breath tickling her skin. She inhales and her eyes flicker down.

You graze her lips with yours, just the briefest touch. Their softness is addictive, and against your better judgement you go back for more, slipping your hand over her cheek. A small kiss, then another. Heat rising between you, each kiss pulling you closer, deeper. Until you slam your body against hers. Fingers in her hair, mouths desperately devouring. You feel her every curve as one hand slips to the small of her back, pressing her to you hungrily. You’re lost, you both are. The world around you disappears.

You pull away to breathe, and lean your forehead against hers. You cup her flushed face as you drink each other in. To kiss again would unravel you, but if you don’t…



Author’s note: 

This is the ‘fairytale kiss’ I learnt from Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel many years ago. It’s gotten me in trouble several times since. Its rare that a book is able to change an aspect of you, but this became my kissing style whenever I was trying to seduce someone. Trying to recreate this kiss in flash fiction without context is difficult. It lacks the secretive, forbidden quality this kiss needs, the sexual tension. But I hope it works for someone out there!


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