Lipstick and Coffee (Part 1)

She always left lipstick on her mug. Not a deep, scandalous red, but a warm maroon. It seemed to say that she wanted to be sexy, but not slutty; wholesome but not dull. I stared at that pink smudge for a moment before washing the cup, looking over my shoulder to see her exiting the cafe. She always looked back – a small smile on her lips and eyes wide with hope – before dancing away on new heels.

She wore the same lipstick the first time we went out. It was the first thing I noticed when she approached. Even her dress seemed to match her lips now, telling the same story of who she wanted to be. Instead of a small smile this time, she gave me a nervous grin. The same hope lived in her eyes but there was anxiety there too, reflected in the way she smoothed her dress and clutched her shimmering leather purse.

“Let me guess,” I began as we sat down and took up the drinks menu, laminated onto the back of an old Beegee’s vinyl cover. “You’re a red wine kinda girl. Or maybe gin?”

I had imagined the sight of her lipstick on a wine glass, the colour nearly identical. But this shattered with her puzzled look, which was followed by an energetic laugh.

“What on Earth makes you think that?” she replied, more with genuine surprise than offence. I was taken aback, blushing heavily as I considered how I’d ended up at that conclusion.

“Well, I… I don’t know. You’re always so put together and stylish. I guess it was easy to imagine a wine glass in your hand.”

Her wide eyes smiled brightly, easing my tension as she giggled.

“You just named possibly the only two liquors that I loathe. I’ll have a beer.”

I smiled and relaxed.

“Me too.”


Writing Prompt: Drink

Disclaimer: This was my original ‘drink’ piece but it became more fiction than non-fiction, even though it’s based on a real life experience. Part One from the male perspective.


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