Vines (Unedited)

There are vines creeping up the wall.

Between green vines on the red brick and a re-purposed church, you can tell that – in true Aussie fashion – we’re trying to imitate a university with a far greater history than our own.

What is is about vines on red brick that gives us this feeling? Is it a learned response from decades of British and American film or television? Why does it give me a sense of nostalgia for a time and place that I’ve never physically been a part of?

I’ve always wanted vines creeping up the side of my house or along the fence. I’ve always wanted them to cover the dull concrete wiht something living; something green and beautiful and peaceful. Is it an attempt to assuage the guilt felt knowing that the existence of a house meant some form of destruction? Do I want to make amends?


(Writing Prompt: Describe something that caught your attention this morning on the way to class.)



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